Meet anyone - in your own virtual room

Virtual meeting rooms

A virtual meeting room enables you to hold a video conference with multiple participants, where everyone can hear and see each other, as well as show presentations. The meeting room is always open for a high quality videoconferencing experience from any location, platform, network or device.

PC, Mac, iOS or Android

Personal video accounts

A personal video account from IndabaCall turns a Mac, PC or a mobile device into a video endpoint. Ideal for when you’re on the road or for your home office. We make it easy to roll out video to all your employees and contacts.

Like a mobile phone subscription... but for your video system

Endpoint subscriptions

For an optimal video conference experience you need a video system from Cisco or Polycom. To get the system connected to the service, you need an Endpoint Subscription from IndabaCall. Enjoy high quality video!

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With the My IndabaCall portal and MyMeeting app, it's never been easier for meeting organizers to schedule, launch or join a video meeting. If you're an admin for your company, you can manage subscriptions, provide assistance and monitor usage.

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We want you to have the best possible video experience! You can be available on multiple devices with the same video address and  always use the device of your choice. Smart roaming and our QoS network ensure the lowest latency and best possible quality for your video calls, even for international video calls. We can also ensure that all of your company video addresses are on your own domain to keep it consistent with your email.